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Baux Group is an industrial enterprise devoted to the production and coating of aluminium. It is one of the top five players in its sector in Europe. The Group is comprised of Compañía Valenciana de Aluminio Baux and Bancolor Baux, devoted, respectively, to the production of coils from recycled aluminium and the coating of aluminium slats. Its brands boast strong recognition. Together, these companies supply an extensive range of top-quality products in highly competitive timeframes to customers all over the world.

The Group has a headcount of over 330 between its four workplaces. It makes a contribution to the circular economy thanks to a productive process articulated around the constant recycling of aluminium.

Baux Group is active in the entire aluminium value chain, from scrap recycling to coating, making it a versatile, vertically-integrated supplier.

From December 2018, Baux takes part of the American Group Jupiter Aluminium Corporation, founded in 1992 by Dietrich Gross. With annual production capacity of 125,000 tonnes, Jupiter has three manufacturing facilities: a scrap processing center in Indiana and two painting factories in Indiana and West Virginia.

  • Compañía Valenciana de Aluminio Baux is the Baux Group subsidiary devoted to the production of coils from recycled aluminium. In business since 2001, it has a factory in Segorbe (Castellón, Spain) with facilities stretching 29,000m2 and a staff of 175 highly qualified employees. All of this company’s output comes from used aluminium. Each year, it transforms over 67,000 tonnes of scrap into nearly 50,000 tonnes of aluminium between its cold and hot rolled products. By way of illustration, this is equivalent to 3.7 billion beverage cans a year and enough to cover 7,800 football pitches.
    The company has the ability to increase its annual productive capacity to 70,000 tonnes. It is a remarkable exponent of the circular economy. It can produce continuously, eliminating furnace cooling and heating times, and uses an innovative twin-belt casting process known as Hazelett, which requires 47% less energy per tonne of aluminium produced and enables the production of a wide range of slat thicknesses.

  • Bancolor is the Baux Group subsidiary specialised in coil coating. Based in Elche de la Sierra (Albacete, Spain), its facilities have a floor area of 16,000m2 and are fitted with top-class equipment, endowing it with tremendous flexibility in terms of tailoring its production to cater to its customers’ needs. It can also add new colours to its portfolio all the time and produce every shade in the RAL chart.
    Bancolor produces 30,000 tonnes of coated aluminium slats a year – equivalent to the material needed to make blinds to cover the windows of 600,000 homes. Its 151 professionals have helped to build up the company’s solid reputation outside of Spain and its privileged positioning as the supplier of choice to firms such as Alulux, Aluprof, Portos and Gimenez Ganga.


We have the deepest, most sustainable and highest quality products in the marketplace, products which can be tailored for the end users’ preferences at any time.


Hot Rolling

Hot Rolling

Cold Rolling

Cold Rolling

Coil coating

Coil coating


Iconos Productos Baux lamas de persianas

Blind slats

Iconos Productos Baux cajon de aluminio

Aluminium boxes

Iconos Productos Baux carpinteria metalica

Metallic carpentry

Iconos Productos Baux Calorifugado tuberias 1

Pipe jacketing

Iconos Productos Baux falso techo de aluminio 1

Suspended aluminium ceilings

Iconos Productos Baux paneles acusticos 1

Acoustic panels

Iconos Productos Baux damero 1

Chequered plates

Iconos Productos Baux canalon de aluminio 1

Aluminium guttering

Iconos Productos Baux matriculas de automovil 1

Licence plates

Iconos Productos Baux panel sandwich 1

Panel de Sandwich

Iconos Productos Baux panel composite 1

Composite panels

Iconos Productos Baux puertas de aluminio 1

Door frames


Baux Group’s sustainability pledge starts with the very essence of its core business since it makes 100% of its products from scrap, breathing new life into products that have formed part of our everyday lives, thus managing our natural resources more responsibly.


Personal and professional development of our employees:

  • 7,260 hours of training provided to the workforce as a whole.
  • Engagement policies.
  • Work-life balance policies.
  • Creation of a Sports Committee to promote healthy living habits among group employees.

Minimisation of our activities' environmental footprint:

  • 100% of the power consumed by the company comes from renewable sources.
  • Baux has obtained ISO 14001 certification.
  • We also meet the standards stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol.

We are committed to giving back to the community and to corporate citizenship:

  • We help finance cultural projects in collaboration with town councils and public bodies in the group’s areas of influence.
  • We are members of Valencia’s Club of Responsible and Sustainable Enterprises (CE/R+S).


We o­ffer rapid service tailored to each customer’s needs thanks to our innovative 24/7 production system and our export chain

Technical support

We provide our customers with technical advice so that they get the materials that best meet their needs.

Production for third parties

We supply a range of aluminium products to a portfolio of international customers in 12 countries and we hold effective export licences for nearly every country in the world. Thanks to our shipping distribution network, we can send our products anywhere in the world and can service anywhere in Europe within one week at most.

Customer service

Our customer service approach is based on productivity and flexibility. Our sales team is permanently available to our customers, whose average loyalty is 12 years.

Technology that sets us apart

We have two factories that operate 24/7 all year round. Our twin-belt casting process – the Hazelett system – allows us make use of the energy emitted by aluminium after it solidifies thanks to immediate alignment of the slabs with the rolling mills, which in turn enables a broad range of thicknesses and boosts our productive capacity.



Our customer response time averages three weeks. Our centralised distribution capabilities in Madrid allow us deliver our products anywhere in Spain in highly competitive timeframes.

Flexibility and personalisation

We actively listen to our customers to understand what they need and we adapt the characteristics of our end products to cater to those needs, thanks to a productive process that can manufacture cold and hot rolled products in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 4.5mm. We have the ability to coat in virtually every shade on the RAL card.

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    Parque Tecnológico C/ Charles Robert Darwin 9 • 46980 Paterna (Valencia)
    Tel.: (+34)  963 463 625 • Tel. Cor: (+34) 902 153 090 • Fax: 963 46 36 56

    Oficinas Valencia:
    Parque Tecnológico C/ Charles Robert Darwin 9 • 46980 Paterna (Valencia)
    Tel.: (+34) 963 463 625 • Tel. Cor: (+34) 902 153 090 • Fax: 963 46 36 56

    Fábrica Albacete:
    P. I. parcela nº 1 • 02430 Elche de la Sierra (Albacete)
    • Tel.: (+34) 967 410 700
    • Fax: 967 41 03 10

    Centro de Distribución Madrid:
    P. I. 42 A, Avda. Ajalvir, 46 Parcelas 4 y 5 • 28806 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
    Tel.: (+34) 918 300 394 / (+34) 912 658 004 • Fax.: 911 01 66 25

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