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2. How we use cookies

In keeping with article 22.2 of the Spanish Act on information society services and e-commerce, the Website shall only use data storage and recovery files (‘cookies’) when users have given their consent to this end, in accordance with the information provided in the browser window that pops up when accessing the Website for the first time and the other terms and conditions set out below, which all users must familiarise themselves with.

Our cookie policy is designed to help you understand how we use cookies, what they are used for and your choices for managing them. The published cookie policy is subject to regular update.

Users can access this information at any time via the ‘Privacy and cookie policy’ link on the Website. Users can modify their cookie preferences by configuring their browser options. For more information, please visit the ‘Modifying your cookie configuration’ section.

What are my options?

The following options are available:

Consenting to the use of cookies: The notice will not pop up again when visiting any other page on the Website.

Not doing anything: The notice will pop up whenever you access any page on the Website. If you continue to browse, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies.

Changing your cookie configuration: You can delete the cookies stored on your device by the Website and modify your browser configuration. However, this will not stop you from seeing the cookie notice when accessing the Website again.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on the user’s browser or device. Cookies facilitate the use of a website and related browsing experience and are essential to how the internet works, providing countless advantages in the provision of interactive services.

For example, they are used to manage user sessions (reducing the number of times a password has to be introduced) and to tailor website content to user preferences, among other features.

For more information, please visit

The cookie usage guide provided by Spain’s Data Protection Agency distinguishes between different types of cookies.

Which types of cookies do we use?

1. Depending on who manages them:

First-party cookies: cookies that are sent to your browser from our computers or domains, i.e., those from which the requested service is provided.

Third-party cookies: cookies that are sent to your browser from a computer or domain that is not managed by us but rather by a partner firms such as Google Analytics.

2. Depending on the length of time the cookies are active:

Session cookies: cookies that are left on your browser’s cookie file until to you leave the Website such that no cookie is left on your device.

Persistent cookies: cookies that remain on your device and that our Website reads every time you revisit. These cookies expire at a specific date.

3.Depending on how they are used:

Technical cookies: cookies that enhance the navigation and functioning of our Website. Personalisation cookies: cookies that allow access to the service configured for certain predefined characteristics depending on a number of criteria. They are used, for example, to choose what language the Website is shown in.

Analytical cookies: cookies used to measure and analyse statistically how the service provided is being used. They are used, for example, to track who visits the Website.

The cookies we use:

TECHNICAL COOKIES                           Allways on

Estas cookies son necesarias para que el sitio web funcione y no pueden desactivarse en los sistemas. Por lo general, solo se configuran en respuesta a las acciones que realizas al solicitar servicios, como establecer tus preferencias de privacidad, iniciar sesión o completar formularios. Puedes configurar tu navegador para bloquear o alertar sobre estas cookies, pero algunas áreas del sitio web no funcionarán. Estas cookies no almacenan ningún dato personal.

Cookie name
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryFirtsCheckbox to accept GDPR session

COOKIES DE RENDIMIENTO                                                

Estas cookies permiten contar las visitas y fuentes de tráfico para poder evaluar el rendimiento del sitio web y mejorarlo. Ayudan a saber qué páginas son las más o las menos visitadas, y cómo los visitantes navegan por el sitio. Toda la información que recogen estas cookies es agregada y, por lo tanto, es anónima. Si no permites utilizar estas cookies, no sabrá cuándo visitaste el sitio y no podrá evaluar si funcionó correctamente.


Cookie name
NIDGoogleCookie NID of Google: unique identifier that use google for prefered user optionsTemporal

Profiles of the users who browse the web are not elaborated nor, therefore, automated decisions are made based on this data.

Changing your cookie configuration.

You may limit, block or delete Website cookies by configuring your browser preferences. In addition, you may activate the private browsing option so that your browser no longer stores your browsing history, secret codes, cookies or other information about the pages you visit.

Cookie configuration is different on each browser. Use the help function to learn how to change your preferences on your browser. Here are the direct links to the relevant sections for the main browsers:


As a final note, please remember that blocking cookies may affect how some or all of the Website functions on your browser.

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