Baux Group is one of Europe’s top five aluminium smelting, rolling and coil coating players

Baux Group's strategic commitment to the circular economy Our business contributes to the circular economy and we are are firmly committed to extending our social and environmental sustainability pledge to the rest of the group's areas and processes

100% of our products are made from scrap, which translates into more sustainable management of our natural resources..

We export 80% of our production along
12 countries spread along 3 continents

We roll around
42,000 tonnes of
aluminium a year

Enough to cover 7,000 football pitches
Enough to cover 7,000 football pitches

We produce 40,000
tonnes of painted
aluminium strip

Equivalent to the material needed
to make blinds to cover the
windows of 600,000 homes
Equivalent to the material needed to make blinds to cover the windows of 600,000 homes

Service We offer rapid service tailored to each customer's needs thanks to our innovative 24/7 production system and our export chain

24/7 manufacturing

24/7 manufacturing

Our 24/7 manufacturing system increases our productive capacity and maximises our energy eciency by reducing furnace cooling and heating times. Thanks to this continuous production system, we can produce 73,000 tonnes of aluminium from scrap and as much as 40,000 tonnes of lacquered slats.

Technology that sets us apart

Technology that sets us apart

Our integrated factory uses the Hazelett continuous casting process: unique in the market, it consumes 47% less energy per tonne of aluminium produced compared to other processes, while also enabling the production of a wide range of thicknesses.

Excellent global service

Excellent global service

Our distribution network enables us to service customers anywhere in the world speedily and flexibly. We have a shipping distribution network configured to enable delivery anywhere in the planet.

Highly satisfied customer portfolio


Ability to cater for urgent orders

Our customers have been with us for:


Response time


Factories, distribution centre and headquarters



1. Bancolor Baux factory
Floor space: 16,000m2 151 employees. Brand with a track record of +15 years and great reputation among manufacturers.
Paterna, Valencia

Paterna, Valencia

3. Baux Group's head oficces
Group management is centralised here. 22 managers with extensive track records in the manufacturing sector


2. Compañía Valenciana de Aluminio Baux factory
Floor space: 29.000m2 175 employees. 20% of output goes to end consumption.


4. Bancolor Baux distribution centre
Distributes small quantities nationwide in Spain and dispatches international orders. Accounts for over 10% of total group revenue.